The American Truth in Politics Association (hereinafter ATIPA) is registered in California as an Unincorporated Nonprofit Political Association.  The primary goal of ATIPA, as stated on the Bylaws page, is "to create, perform, and perfect a scientific testing methodology aimed at elevating the honesty and the dedication to the U.S. Constitution of the legislative bodies - the U.S. Congress and the state legislatures - which define the policies and the laws governing the United States."

Truth in Politics (TIP) activities will be national in scope.   The national lead organization is ATIPA, alternatively referred to herein as NTIP.  A number of affiliated State Truth in Politics (STIP) organizations will be created to manage the TIP activities in each state.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the TIP system to the voting public, to candidates for public office, to persons who are considering becoming financial supporters ("Sustaining Members") of an STIP, and to those Sustaining Members who are considering becoming active participating members ("Voting Members") of an STIP.

This website contains nine auxiliary pages:

The Purpose page describes the foremost major problem facing our country today, and what we would like to do about it.
The Strategy page outlines how we propose to solve that major problem, and reduce it, in the long run, to a nullity.
The TIP Structure page describes the organization which has been created to implement that solution.
The Membership page describes the requirements and duties of the people needed to staff and support the TIP system.
The Truth Technology page describes the modern technology which will enable the successful attainment of our Purpose.
The Testing Procedure page details the procedure for testing a candidate's honesty and delivering the test results to him.
The Interviewer Equipment page lists the equipment required for an interviewer to administer the candidate honesty tests.
The Bylaws page presents a set of operating rules to be included within the formal ATIPA bylaws, not yet constructed.
The Contact page outlines where to seek more information, and how to initiate your "Sustaining" or "Voting" participation.

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