Operating Rules of



[The paragraphs below are operating rules to be included within the formal ATIPA and STIP bylaws, not yet constructed.]

A.  Purpose

In conformance with Title 26 Section 527 of the US Code, the primary purpose of this unincorporated nonprofit political association is to conduct the following Exempt Function:

Influencing, or attempting to influence, the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of an individual to a federal, state, or local public office, or office in a political organization, or the election of Presidential or Vice Presidential electors.

B.  Goals


1. Create, perform, and perfect a scientific testing program aimed at elevating the honesty and the dedication to the U.S. Constitution of the legislative bodies - the U.S. Congress and the state legislatures - which define the policies and the laws governing the United States.

2. Identify those candidates for public office who take and successfully pass a VSA examination in which they allege their intended honesty and support of the Constitution.

3. Build and maintain a Certified Examiner Corps and a network of state administrative organizations, all fully trusted by the public, to administer such VSA examinations and to return the results of these tests to the tested candidates for their campaign usage..

C.  General Provisions

 1. These Bylaw provisions shall apply to the American Truth in Politics Association (the national entity, hereinafter NTIP) and to the several affiliated State Truth in Politics Associations (the state entities, each hereinafter an STIP).
 2. Every effort will be made to prevent any portion of this Truth in Politics organization (hereinafter TIP) from becoming dominated or destroyed by persons of great wealth or power who may fear its outcomes.  Thus, if the NTIP organization is attacked and destroyed, the STIP organizations shall undertake to create a replacement NTIP entity.  Also, the STIP organizations will operate substantially independently of each other, so that the destruction of one will not significantly impact the operation of all the others.
 3. NTIP shall derive its support only from the dues of the STIP affiliates.  These affiliates shall derive their funding exclusively from their in-state registered voters, with no fee or donation accepted in excess of a prescribed maximum (e.g., $1000) from any individual over a fiscal year.  No contribution may be accepted to which restrictions are attached concerning how such funds are to be used.  No financial support may be accepted from any organization or any branch of government.
 4. Funds received by NTIP or an STIP shall be used only for services rendered in furtherance of ATIPA's stated purpose.  No TIP funds shall be contributed to any political party, candidate, or campaign committee, or be used to influence federal, state, or local legislation or non-candidate ballot measures.  Contributed funds shall not be permitted to accumulate (beyond a normal contingency reserve), but shall be spent within a reasonably short time after their receipt.
 5. The TIP association shall have no shareholders or other individuals having a personal or private interest in the resources of NTIP or an STIP, and no TIP resource shall be used for the private profit or selfish advantage of any individual.
 6. The names of individuals contributing to or purchasing the publications or other services of NTIP or STIP shall not be rented, sold, or given to any individual or other entity.

D.  NTIP Functions

 1. Establish a standard protocol for VSA testing of candidates for public office.  The questions to be asked, and the methods to be used in assigning examiners and in evaluating the resulting test materials, shall be applied uniformly throughout the country insofar as practicable.
 2. Establish a standard protocol for selecting, training (if necessary and practicable), periodically testing, and ultimately certifying candidate VSA examiners as Certified Examiners acceptable to NTIP for the purpose of performing VSA examinations of candidates for public office and of TIP administrative and testing personnel as required by the TIP bylaws.
 3. Establish a standard protocol for selecting, periodically testing, and accepting individuals as Voting Members of an STIP affiliate.  The acceptance of such local membership shall be communicated to and certified and archived by NTIP, upon which it shall be made available to all other STIP affiliates.
 4. Invite Voting Members of STIP affiliates to be interviewed and otherwise examined for selection as Voting Members of NTIP.  Such Voting Members shall in turn be empowered to nominate, examine, and elect from their own membership an NTIP Board of Directors.  In turn, the Board of Directors shall have the power, at its sole discretion, to appoint or remove from office the several operating officers of NTIP, including a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
 5. Publicize and make economically available to the public the standard relevant questions to be asked in VSA examinations of candidates for public office, of VSA examiners, and of NTIP and STIP administrative personnel.
 6. Archive for all historical purposes, and make such archives available to all STIP affiliates, the VSA examination data and data analyses of candidates for public office and of Voting Members, Boards of Directors, and officers of NTIP and of STIP affiliates.
 7. Help to create and maintain throughout the United States viable STIP organizations consonant with the provisions of the TIP bylaws.  NTIP shall have the power, upon the majority vote of its Voting Members and the concurrence of its Board of Directors, to dissolve any STIP affiliate which has become dysfunctional or nonfunctional, and to create its replacement.
 8. Tender to candidates running for President of the United States invitations to submit to the standard VSA testing, administer the test to those accepting it, and  report to such candidates the results of those tests, all of which shall be completed a few months prior to the first Presidential primary election, caucus, convention, or equivalent.
 9. Modify the TIP Bylaws only in accordance with the majority vote of the NTIP Voting Members so directing.

E.  STIP Functions

 1. Prior to primary elections in partisan contests, or the earliest election for candidates for nonpartisan offices, announce to the public the ATIPA policy of  inviting all such candidates within the jurisdiction of a particular STIP to submit to the standard VSA testing.  For those accepting, organize and administer the tests, and submit the test materials to the Certified Examiners for analysis.  Return the results of that analysis to NTIP for archival purposes and to the tested candidates for their use, including their volitional disclosure of the results to the public media.  No ATIPA entity shall itself publicly disclose the testing status or test results for an individual candidate.
 2. Recruit Sustaining Members from voters within the STIP's own state.  An annual fee shall be required from such Sustaining Members, constituting the STIP's sole source of income. A portion of that fee shall be sent to NTIP for its maintenance, in accordance with the bylaws.
 3. From the Sustaining Membership, recruit Voting Members in accordance with the protocol established by NTIP.  The STIP Voting Members shall be empowered to examine, nominate, and elect from among its own members an STIP Board of Directors, which in turn will elect its officers, including a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
 4. At its discretion examine and appoint Chairmen of county TIP committees (hereinafter CTIP) to administer STIP functions within that smaller jurisdiction, including recruitment of Sustaining Members and the administration of VSA testing.
 5. Offer to waive the examination expenses for any candidate for public office who requests such assistance, and for whom such an expense is deemed by STIP to be a significant burden.  If the expense is to be borne by the candidate, the payment shall be made to STIP.  STIP shall always be responsible, and solely responsible, for paying the fees and expenses owed to the Certified Examiners who analyze the VSA tests.  An Examiner may never accept a payment or anything of value from a subject being tested.
 6. If, in the judgment of a majority of the STIP organizations, the NTIP organization becomes dysfunctional or nonfunctional, the STIP organizations are directed to develop a course of action to create and emplace a replacement NTIP organization which will uphold the fundamental TIP purposes and means stated in the bylaws.

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