A great number of (alternatively available) books have been written "exposing" the existence of what is now commonly known as the New World Order (e.g., Ref. 2).  While we will not herein undertake to detail the NWO's malefactions perpetrated on our country, we start with this statement to make it clear that our country's problems have not been brought about by historical happenstance, but rather by persons seeking, with evil intent, to subjugate our great middle class.  These actions being volitionally ordered by real people starting in the historical past and continuing to the present day, it is apparent that proper counteractions taken today have the possibility of reversing the tide, i.e., that our ultimate domination by the corrupt predators of the NWO is not inevitable.

Again, a good number of alternatively available works have been written seeking to determine what sort of people or organizations have been behind the actions which have brought us to our present state.  More constructively, new efforts (e.g., Ref. 3) have focussed on studying the methodologies that have made the elite efforts so successful, with the hope that a weakness might be found enabling the efforts of the elites to be neutralized.  A major weakness in their armor has now been identified, and a strategy for a counterattack conceived.

The nuts and bolts of the ultimate counterattack will be the passage of a fairly well understood package of legislative acts, which are outlined in References 1 to 3.  The difficulty is that our present stable of legislators is constitutionally unable to even so much as introduce such legislation.  When pressed by constituents to do so, legislators can find an endless array of sophistries (i.e., lies) to convince their constituents that introducing or supporting such legislation would be wrong, and that those constituents should nevertheless continue to "support me in November."  Reelection, of course, is the highest priority goal of the great bulk of our present legislators.  When confronted by a wealthy donor's threat to oppose the legislator's reelection if the donor's wishes are not adhered to, the best interests of the country quickly give way to the legislator's higher priority of getting reelected.

We are all clearly aware of examples of such legislative corruption in the present day, but this is hardly a new historical phenomenon.  Our studies of the past have shown that lying by politicians significantly increases their chances of being elected, provided that their lies are mirrored by supporting lies paid for by the owners of the major media which are read, seen, or heard by the public.  These lies have engendered a long series of historical events which have generally been disastrous for the non-elite classes of the world.  Ref. 3 details many of these events, and specifically identifies the need of the malefactors to lie in order to keep their secret goals hidden from view.  This need to lie is the elites' Achilles heel which we intend to take advantage of in mounting an effort to disempower them and their prostituted legislators.  We may then be able to reclaim our own country, and then perhaps the whole world.  Reclaiming our own country is the major purpose for which the TIP system was created.

Ref. 1:  Let's Fix America!, by A. B. Jones, 1994
Ref. 2:  How The World Really Works, by A. B. Jones, 1996.
Ref. 3:  Secrecy or Freedom?, by A. B. Jones, 2001.
All three  books are described in and may be ordered from abjpress.com.

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