The elites who would rule us are afflicted by the textbook human flaw that Power Corrupts.  Thus, they buy political power via their ownership of the major media and their corruption of our politicians.  In turn, they use the political power so obtained to increase their wealth, through such illegalities as running the dope trade, manipulating economic cycles, running corporate scams (e.g., Enron), creating wars, etc.  The added wealth is then used to buy yet more political power, with the ultimate goal being to acquire all wealth and all power.  We can't break into this cycle by halting their illegal use of power, because there are too many such uses, and we don't have the political control to do so.  Instead, we shall attempt to break the cycle by reducing their ability to use their wealth to buy political power.

The American electorate has become acutely aware that "truth" to many politicians is what a candidate has to say in order to get elected or reelected.  Voters have found that they can do little more than vote for the candidate who speaks words closest to what the voter wants to hear.  The candidate's words, unfortunately, frequently don't match his later deeds, much less does he take the initiative to inform his constituents about honest facts and the real problems facing our body politic.  Being aware of such widespread political corruption, many voters can be expected to welcome a responsible effort to bring about honest reform.

The methodology formulated by the TIP system can be visualized as follows.  When questioning a campaigning candidate about public policy matters, or about the nature of his intended ethical behavior, suppose that we could wave a magic wand which would cause his nose to grow by two inches every time he told a lie, a la Pinocchio.  Very soon we would be finding and electing legislators whose noses did not grow under questioning.  The technology for effectively obtaining this result has newly come into being, and holds the promise of changing the political and social landscape of our whole world.  That technology involves a "truth verification" method called Voice Stress Analysis (VSA).  It is much less intrusive than the conventional polygraph, and is described in some detail in our Truth Technology page.

A simple question should suffice to justify the use of truth verification technology to help us select and elect our country's legislators: If it is appropriate to use polygraphs to help us select honest and loyal FBI agents and Defense Department employees, is it not even more important to similarly test for truth and loyalty on the part of the lawmakers who define the policies to be pursued by our nation?

The TIP strategy (originally detailed in Ref. 4) will involve finding candidates to run in major-party primary elections who desire to take our VSA test.  The test will then be administered and the results reported to the candidate in writing, including a written "Seal of Approval" if the candidate passes the test.  He (or she) may then use these documentary results in any way that he wishes in his electoral campaign, to the benefit of the voting public.

The 2010 election produced a congressional change that has the potential of helping get this strategy under way. Instead of the whole burden falling on the grass roots, a great deal of help can be brought to bear by the new batch of Constitutionalists now in office. The modified strategy is discussed at length in Ref. 5, and includes a discussion of the issues which these new members can undertake now to increase their own numbers, and to help get the TIP testing program underway.

The relevant “Truth Test” questions to be asked and answered are simplified from those appearing in Ref. 4, and are presently as follows:

1. Do you have a good understanding of the provisions and purposes of the U.S. Constitution?

2. Is your desire to preserve the freedoms of our citizens under the Constitution greater than your desire to preserve or advance your own economic or political future?

3. Do you hold an allegiance to the United States, its Constitution, and its citizens above your allegiance or subservience to any person, organization, ideology, country, or other entity having goals in conflict with the U.S., its Constitution, or its citizens?

The end point of the TIP strategy is to acquire in our legislative halls majorities of legislators who have sought to take this test, and have taken and passed it with flying colors.  Those legislators should then have little trouble in formulating the needed legislative program for getting our country out from under the thumbs of the NWO elites, and back on the path of promoting the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of our citizens.  A detailed formulation of such a program is presented in Ref. 5. Upon our success, we might then proudly recommend our techniques as an example for the rest of the world to follow, and help those who wish to develop and apply these techniques in their own countries.

Ref. 4: Restoring Political Honesty, by A. B. Jones, 2006

Ref. 5: Restoring American Freedom, by A. B. Jones, 2011


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