TIP Structure

To reiterate, the TIP system's primary function is to perform truth verification testing on primary election candidates for public office.  Secondarily, it will encourage both major political parties to find new candidates willing to take the VSA test if no existing candidate in a given electoral district has taken and passed the test.  It will work with both major parties in these elections, in order that both parties will eventually contain a preponderance of honest legislators and other office-holders.  Concentrating on primary elections will help produce this good result even in severely gerrymandered electoral districts.  Small third parties will not be dealt with, since they can rarely attract the millions of "straight ticket" voters needed to actually elect a candidate to office.

To perform its functions, the TIP system aims to create State Truth in Politics (STIP) organizations in every state, further subdivided into county or other local groups in the more populous states.  STIP personnel in a given electoral district will be responsible for generating public support for the TIP system in that district, and for working with the central committees of the local political parties.  STIP personnel will also issue invitations to local candidates to take the VSA test, and will be in charge of actually administering the tests, i.e., playing the standard computerized questions and digitally recording the candidate responses.

The digital audio files generated in a testing session will be transmitted electronically to highly trained and certified VSA Analysts.  This group of people constitutes what the TIP system refers to as its Certified Examiner Corps (CEC).  This group is responsible for analyzing the test materials and documenting back to the STIP group that administered a given test the results of that test.  The STIP group will then transmit those results to the subject candidate (but not to the local media), enabling the candidate to disclose them to the public as he sees fit.  CEC examiners will not know the identity of the subjects being tested, nor will the subjects know the identity of their CEC examiners.

To coordinate the activities of the CEC and the various STIP organizations, a National Truth in Politics (NTIP) organization, i.e., ATIPA, has been created, responsible for establishing policy matters, defining testing protocols, establishing standing committees, maintaining association books and bylaws, defining requirements for national and state voting membership, etc.  It is an Unincorporated Nonprofit Political Association, with its ultimate decision making in the hands of NTIP Voting Members.  The STIP groups will be largely autonomous, with their own Officers, Voting Members, and non-voting Sustaining Members.  NTIP will be tasked to maintain the existence and viability of the several STIP groups, and the STIP groups will be collectively tasked to recreate an NTIP entity if the existing NTIP organization is destroyed or becomes nonfunctional.  Every effort will be made to preserve the existence and the viability of the TIP system as a permanent appendage of our body politic into the indefinite future.

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